Here is information about how to reach us from the Copenhagen airport.

By taxi:

This is hassle-free and (and often, but not always) fastest way to get from the airport to our Institute. Take a taxi and ask to drop you at Blegdamsvej 3b, DK2200 (the Panum Institute). In normal traffic situation a taxi from the airport takes about 30-40 minutes. Almost all taxi drivers speak English, and accept payment by cash (DKK) or Credit card. A taxi from the airport to the Institute typically costs ~400DKK.

By train:

The fastest way to reach us is to take a Metro train from the Copenhagen airport (København lufthavn) and get off at the Nørreport station (Nørreport St.). During peak hours the Metro trains run every 3-5 minute, and it takes about 15 min from the airport to Nørreport. The airport is the last station so trains go in only one direction and all trains pass through Nørrebro station. To find Metro train station, please follow Metro train sign from the arrival hall. Train ticket office and vending machines are located in the arrival hall as well as in the baggage claim area. The ticket vending machines accepts payment in Danish Krone, and by Credit card. Take a taxi from Nørreport station; it takes 5 minutes to reach our institute. Our Institute is located in the Panum Insitute, building number 6, and the reception office is located on the first floor.

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